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Location: Valle San Giovanni, Teramo 64040, Italy

Teramo Abruzzo Italy

Thursday, April 24, 2008

One of the most beautiful places that I have visited is the small village of Valle Soprana। It is located near the provincial capital of Teramo in the Abruzzo Region of Italy. Visiting this location is like stepping back in time 100 years or so. One of things about the village that makes it so special is that if you take a short hike one of the many hiking trails that lead from the village, you can get an unobstructed view of the Grand Sasso, the highest peak in the Apennine Mountain range. The locals call this mountain "The Sleeping Giant" due to the fact that looking at the mountain from afar one can see the outline of a person's face and body who happens to be lying down on their back. The last time I visited this location I started to put together a noncommerical website dedicated to the town. I cannot wait to return once again.

Villa Casale - Villa Rental in Abruzzo Italy

  • Central Location - Located in a a small village 8 km from the regional capital Teramo, a major transportation hub. A great place to base your Abruzzo visit. Midway between the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso.
  • Convenient - Fully furnished. Bus service to Teramo. Grocery, coffeebar, and market nearby. Close to restaurants and hiking trails.
  • Che Bella! - Terrace with panoramic view overlooking the ruins of an 11th century monastery.
  • Comfortable - Nearly new with modern amenities while maintaining the charm of ancient Italy.

CASALE Definition: A rustic house typically found in a small hamlet or the countryside.

The property takes its name from its location on Via del Casale in Valle San Giovanni, a small town located about 8 kilometers (5 miles) from Teramo (population 53,000), the capital city of one of the four provinces of the Abruzzo region. It is midway between the Adriatic Sea (25 km/15 miles) and the Gran Sasso (20 km/12 miles), the highest peak in the Apennine mountain range. Rome is about 176 km/110 miles away. An airport in Pescara is located about 48 miles/80 km to the south.

Valle San Giovanni is a quiet town of about 300 people. The residents of “La Valle” refer to themselves as Vallaroli and are the nicest people in the world! Many have relatives who emigrated to southern New Jersey and Montreal.

Casale sits by itself at the end of a short alley off the main piazza. This provides a sense of serenity when desired while still allowing plenty of contact with the lovely townspeople. In days past friendly Pasquale could be seen looking out of the corner of his eye as you pass by for your passeggiata (stroll). The town has a church (”chiesa”), one bar (Bar Novanta) run by Francesca and Giovanni, a grocery store (alimentari) owned by Paolo, Irma’s fruit and vegetable store (fruttivendolo), a post office branch (Ufficio Postale), and a hardware store (ferramenta) run by Leonardo. There are several restaurants within a 3-7 km driving distance.

Casale was completed in August, 2004. The interior area is 62 square meters (667 square feet). There are two bedrooms (one with a matrimonial bed and a second with two twin beds), a living room with a couch that folds out into a double bed (this is where Stefano sleeps as it is extremely comfortable, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom with an enclosed shower. There is a wood burning stove for heating and a washing machine. A ceiling fan cools things a bit in the summer. The screens on the windows were expensive but work well.

Parking is in the piazza about 90ft/30 meters away. Crime in the town is virtually nonexisitent. Gossiping in the town is plenty existent. This will not be a problem for you but I will hear stories after you leave so behave yourself! Guests enjoy a patio with an unobstructed view of Valle Soprana (no known relation to Tony Soprano!). A bus runs several times per day between Valle San Giovanni and Teramo.

Casale is a great place to center your vist to Abruzzo while at the same time a perfect getaway from major tourist attractions. It provides peace and tranquility as well as the opportunity to take enjoyable daytrips to nearby beaches, fortress towns, and mountains.

The onsite manager is Paolo who speaks English and will answer all your questions.